Cleaning your Pool after Severe Weather

Severe weather, along with hurricanes and floods can cause issues with your pool. Storms with high wind and rain can move dirt and debris into your pool and make it seem difficult to keep it safe and clean. Contemporary Pool Works understands these challenges, and while we do offer services to keep your pool clean and well maintained, we wanted to provide some tips to help you out due to the recent bad weather in our area.

Do NOT Remove the Dirty Water from Your Pool

With dirty, ugly water, it may be tempting to drain your pool and start over. This can lead to your pool “floating” or “popping” out of the ground. Just leave the water, no matter how dirty it is.

Skim the Leaves and Debris from the Pool

This should be your first goal on adequately getting your pool back to normal shape. Also, be sure to keep the skimmer basket cleaning while you are skimming the leaves and debris. Ignore the small dirt particles; they’ll be vacuumed out later.

Clean the Pump Strainer & Skimmer

If your power is off to your pool, be sure to clean the pump strainer and skimmer before restoring power. If not, your system may become clogged.

Clean & Backwash your Filter

Because of all of the dust and dirt, you’ll need to clean and backwash your filter.

Vacuum/Brush Pool Walls and Floor

After you restore power and the water is at the normal level, vacuum the dirt from the bottom. Begin at the shallow end and continue throughout the rest of the pool.

Shock and Balance the Water

After you complete the above task, use pool shock to stop the growth of harmful bacteria and add your chlorine.

If you have any problems or concerns about your pool after severe weather, give us a call, and we can assist in getting your pool back to normal.

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