Scheduled Maintenance


Scheduled Pool Services

As much as a pool can be a great source of enjoyment, they can become a little bit of a bother of when you need to spend lots of time taking care of them so that they remain in good and usable conditions every day. Rather than letting this eat into your valuable time, allow the real professionals to take care of your pool so that all you need to do is to enjoy its use at any time you want.

We offer professional scheduled pool services that you can make good use of to take care of your pool without necessarily spending your time at the pool. The services are flexible in the sense that we have weekly, biweekly as well as monthly scheduled pool services so that you can choose the most convenient package for you. Our scheduled pool services include the following:

  •  Inspection of pool equipment to avert breakdowns
  • Backwash and recharge filters.
  • Testing and adjusting of the water chemistry.
  • Vacuum the pool.
  • Surface skimming and tile brushing.
  • Cleaning out all the skimmers and pump baskets and the auto cleaners.
  • pool renovation

With our scheduled pool services, generous discounts if there will be any repairs necessary as well as free labor on any Polaris repairs that may be necessary. You will however be required to pay for parts if any will be needed.

It will also interest you to note that we don’t offer any contract or commitments with our scheduled pool services. You are thus free to continue using our services so long as you are satisfied. We will however try our best at all time to ensure that you get nothing but the very best scheduled pool services in Columbia, Chapin, Lexington, Northeast or surrounding areas.

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