Water loss is the most obvious sign of a leaking pool, but can you recognize the other common symptoms? Watching out for these signs at your customers’ pools can help them avoid further damage and puts you in the position to be the hero who can solve the problem!

1. Water Changes

Dropping water level is the clearest sign a pool is leaking, but it’s essential to determine if the water loss is due to evaporation or a leak. Evaporation rates vary depending on wind, air, water temperature, humidity, and other factors. Water loss over that amount indicates that the pool is leaking.

2. Cracks or Falling Tile

Because the surrounding ground is unsettled by excess water, cracks, and tile movement are more likely to occur when a pool leaks. Cracks or gaps in the bond beam may occur as the pool settles farther into the softened ground.

3. Wet Spots in Yard

Soft, mushy spots or uneven grass growth around the pool area may indicate a plumbing leak. Erosion due to water movement underground can cause landscaping to shift and sink.

4. Increase in Water Bills

Automatic fill devices can hide leaks by keeping the pool filled. If you notice the autofill running constantly or increased water bills, it’s time to start investigating for a leak.

5. Water Under Equipment

Standing water or corrosion at the pump or around pipes is a sure sign of a leak. Equipment leaks can often be found with just visual inspection.

6. Air or Dirt Blown Into Pool

If air or dirt is being pulled into the plumbing system through a leak, you may see that air or dirt being blown into the pool from the returns. This may also cause mysterious gurgling sounds.

7. Algae 

Adding new, untreated water to a leaking pool often leads to fluctuating chemical consumption and algae growth or discoloration. Instead of continuing to treat the water, finding and repairing a leak may be the solution.

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