Swimming Pool Construction FAQs

Are Pool Builders required to have General Contractors License in South Carolina?

Yes, as of July 2023, all Pool Builders in South Carolina must have a General Contractors license.

Comptemporary Pool Works is licensed and insured!


Do you offer swimming pool financing?

We do NOT offer in-house financing services, but we do offer referrals of qualified, trusted lenders, local and national, which may have competitive rates and options available to solve your swimming pool financing & home improvement requirements.

What time of the year is best to install a new swimming pool?

You can install a new swimming pool whenever you’re ready! Pools are installed all year round. The right time to build is all about your needs and your timeline!

How long does it take to build an in-ground pool?

Pool construction is performed in an uncontrolled environment outside and is susceptible to the weather and elements during construction. Weather and elements could cause delays during the construction process.

Baring any delays, an in-ground gunite swimming pool can be completed in 6 to 10 weeks, and the typical turnaround time could be as little as five weeks. Some limitations, such as specific material availability, scheduling for specialized applications, or including a patio or outdoor kitchen, may also factor into the time it takes to complete the project.

How soon can I swim after my pool is complete?

You could swim as soon as one week after completion, although some pool startup procedures may very in time.

Will trees need to be removed for the pool construction?

If there are any trees within 2ft of the pool layout, they may need to be removed if the pool is not modified to fit within the trees. In most cases, it is best to keep concrete and the pool structure at least 3′ away from any trees due to the root system. Trees close to the pool may cause more leaves and debris to clean up and are a consideration when planning the pool close to them.

Will my sprinkler system get damaged during the pool construction?

Sprinkler systems may get damaged when excavating for a new inground swimming pool. In most cases, this can only be prevented if the lines are moved before construction. Since it is best practice to install sprinklers when the pool project is complete, there is usually no need for re-routing them before the pool is installed.

Will I need HOA approval to build my pool?

If your community has an active POA / HOA then you may need the approval of your POA/HOA. Please refer to your neighborhood’s bylaws for more information.

What's the difference between a Salt Water pool and Chlorine pool?

Chlorine has been around since before the 80’s, and is still used on a large scale in private and public swimming pools. Salt Water systems for swimming pools began to gain attention about 20 years ago as an alternative to the harshness of conventional pool chlorine.

Using an electronic component, the pool equipment will turn ordinary table salt into scent-less chlorine right in your pool! The advantages of saltwater pools are:

  • A more soothing and soft water.
  • The absence of chlorine smell.
  • Increased comfort for your eyes.

Swim longer and enjoy a more natural feel of water in your pool.

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